Top Ten Classic Summer Blockbuster Movies


Today the YA Storytellers are writing about one of my favourite subjects: movies! YEAH!
I ADORE movies, it doesn't matter what kind, whether they're huge blockbusters, indie films, romance, drama, comedies, historical, magical, supernatural... I like a bit of everything. But today we're talking about our favourite summer blockbusters. 

Here are my top ten classic summer blockbusters that I couldn't get enough of (at the time!)

1. Ghostbusters
I LOVE it when I hear the tune on the radio... it'll never really age that song!

2. Conan the Barbarian
I cringe when I watch it now, but I LOVED Arnie in that old cheesy movie.

3. Gremlins
They were so CUTE before they turned evil, right?

4. Indiana Jones
Indy... just loved him. He was very sexy, right?

5. Trading Places
Eddie Murply and Dan Akroyd just had me in stitches.

6. Total Recall
I couldn't get enough of this film... yet it's actually really, really bad. I mean Sharon Stone? Terrible. But I LOVED it back in the day!

7. Top Gun
Tom Cruise... sigh.

8. Die Hard
Bruce Willis... sigh

9. Independence Day
Will Smith... sigh

10. Jurassic Park
I just loved the old guy, what was his name? The Englishman? He was just so sweet!

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