YA Storytellers: Superstitions


I love hearing about superstitions, I mean there are some pretty wacky ones out there! And goodness knows where they all come from. I think many of them are just old wives tales, don't you? Here are some I can think of...
* Don't walk under ladders.
* A black cat walking in front of you can be either good luck or bad luck, depending on what country you're coming from!
* A horse shoe is supposed to be good luck yet here in Portugal you often see them hanging upside down! Doesn't that mean that all the luck falls out? lol
* Friday 13th... need I say more?
* It's good luck if a bird poos on you! Er really? I don't think so (it has happened to me!)
* Four leaf covers equals good luck, er okay?!
* Crossing your fingers for good luck. Has it ever worked for you? (I do it all the time!)
* The number 666 equals evil, the devil, blah blah blah. If that's the case, then my cat is the devil as I once caught her on the fax machine, dialling 666!!

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  1. My grandmother used to advise me not to allow a rocker to rock empty...it was an invitation to a spirit to fill it. So, I quickly stop rockers when I vacate one. Thanks grandma, LOL.

  2. LOL I couldn't figure out what you meant for a minute there! A rocker (envisioning Bon Jovi!) Oh... a rocking chair!!!! he he he


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