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Today the YA Storytellers are discussing stories about inspiration. It's something that all authors need - well, it's probably something that everyone needs regardless of what they're trying to achieve. As for myself, I am inspired by so many things...


I love tunes that have an underlying haunting sound to them - anything that sounds spooky or magical totally inspires me, which is why I sometimes listen to soundtracks whilst writing (Harry Potter, Edward Scissorhands, Premonition, Practical Magic, for instance). Lana Del Rey's songs also have that edge that I love. Just listening to the first few seconds of her songs, makes the cogs of my brain go into overdrive!

If I'm feeling a little low and uninspired then I'll put on the TV and watch a movie. If I'm in the middle of writing YA urban fantasy, I'll watch Twilight, Harry Potter or something else that matches my mood. If I'm writing chick lit, then I'll pop in a romantic comedy - anything with Sandra Bullock will help re-charge my batteries and get me keen to write again!

Pinterest is my favourite image site where I can easily wile away several hours just gazing at magnificent photography. One single image could lead to an entire series of books! Isn't that just awesome? Join me over at Pinterest and check out my boards (there are loads!).

Canada was the first place that inspired me to write. It's the most spectacularly wonderful place I've ever had the pleasure of visiting and I can't wait to return one day. My first visit took place back in 2009 and we visited Alberta and British Columbia and took in the mountains, snow, lakes, islands, forests, you name it - we saw it! But it was at the wonderful Powell River spot that images of vampires, werewolves and ravens danced in my mind. I wrote Raven less than a year later!
I'm also hugely inspired by England and all that it entails. Quaint little villages, stunning ancient castles and cathedrals and so much more. Every time I go back to the country of my birth, I am overwhelmed with inspiration. It's amazing!

Whether it's strangers in a  coffee shop or someone I've met - I can't help but imagine some aspect of their personality or looks in a character on the pages of my books. My Morgan Sisters series came from meeting just one man who would eventually become Declan Alexander - one of the coolest characters in the series.

But what about you? What inspires you?

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