A Goddess in Waiting by Sofian Kyriacou


I've got something a bit different on the blog today. I recently got to know about a very inspiring non fiction book (A Goddess in Waiting) aimed at teenaged girls and written by the lovely Sofian Kyriacou. I was so intrigued that I asked the author to write a guest post on why it was so important for her to write this book. This is what she said...

... It all began in a bookstore in Manchester. I was eighteen years old and I was going through a tough period. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for but I ended up in the self-help section.
All of the books I came across tended to be long-winded and quite complex, mainly written for adults by professionals. All I wanted was a simple answer to my problems, something short, sweet and inspiring. Preferably, I wanted a book written by someone who had been in a similar predicament as I, and who would understand certain things that perhaps a psychologist or an older person couldn’t.
I explored the shelves in the young adult, teenage section of the bookstore and found very few non-fiction books. There were none that could have helped me and given me answers as to why I was feeling as I did. I didn’t understand why no one had written anything to help the younger generations, yet there was an inundation of books of the sort for adults. Surely, if you help the younger generations first, they are less likely to grow up needing as much help in the future. 
I was raised by a rather strict Greek Orthodox father who made us endure Church every Sunday, and at that moment I remembered what the priest had said in one of his speeches where he had said:
‘Look after your children first, they are the future generations, they are the future’.
It was like I had experienced an epiphany, I had found my purpose and something meaningful to do to not only to help me but potentially many others. To be honest I wasn’t very academic but I suddenly had all of this wisdom and knowledge pouring out of me as I began to write. It was uncanny and bizarre but I was on a mission to help girls out of their pits of sorrow as well as myself.
I wanted a book like it, so I wrote one. Of course it wasn’t as simple as it sounds because it took six years to finish. The book was a six-year journey for me and it took me six years of colourful, wild and somewhat life endangering experiences to finally become a woman, which is what the book is all about, teaching girls how to deal wisely with their conflicting issues, starting from within themselves.
Everything within you is actually creating all of the experiences externally. I don’t go too deeply into that subject in the book as I don’t want to frighten the readers whom may be sceptical and unmindful but I would like them to be aware of this power that lies within them and the exponential benefits of believing and using this source as a way of healing themselves and getting what they want from their precious lives.
There are so many things that we can’t avoid experiencing during our growth from a girl to a woman. From 9 months of love, peace, purity, warmth and comfort in our mother’s womb, where we can be our true selves to suddenly being exposed to the world - the good, the bad, the beauties and the beasts. We learn about life and death and feel emotions of sadness and happiness and as joyous as it is, it can also be a very scary place. 
Our experiences may hinder our view that the world is a safe place; these thoughts of fear and mistrust can build walls up inside of us in order to protect ourselves. These walls isolate us from living our greatest life and reaching out to people and opportunities waiting to be had. As we become so insecure and fearful behind the walls we have built we have disconnected from our true selves in order to play our external role in society to fit in and feel accepted as someone who will not be judged or scrutinised.
In reality there’s no escaping being judged or scrutinised so we may as well knock down those walls and be ourselves. At least we are being authentic and true to whom we are.
We all suffer in silence, especially in our younger years where we suffer most from self-image conflicts, senseless destructive and abusive relationships and fake, passing friendships. There’s no escaping our problems, running away is only a temporary getaway and building great walls to protect us isn’t the answer. We must face our fears fearlessly or they will disturb us forever and it’s better to do it sooner rather than later in life.
My intention from why I started to write the book hasn’t changed and I hope the book brings about optimism and courage for the readers to go through the growth from a young girl to a young Goddess confidently with all the faith and hope they deserve.

Sofia Kyriacou was born in London, of Greek/Irish parents and is one of six children. She has lived in Europe, Russia and Brazil and travelled extensively throughout other parts of the world. She studied fashion marketing in Manchester graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2011. In 2013 on her return from Brazil Sofia set up her first business, Brazil Amor, selling authentic quality swimwear to boutiques in the UK.
After shortly realising her true passion lay in writing and mentoring she began her work in self-help and healing. Sofia has a Reiki Masters degree and in 2014 she published her first book ‘A Goddess in Waiting’ that she had written when she was 18 during her time at university.Amazon


  1. Best of luck to Sofian. What a pretty name, btw.

  2. That is such a heartwarming story as to why they decided to write this. And optimism and courage are good virtues to spread around. I hope this book does well ^^

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