OUT NOW: And Then There Was You


I'm so excited at the moment. I've just released my ninth book! WOOP WOOP! Unlike seven of my other novels, this one isn't YA. It's a contemporary romance novel called And Then There Was You. It took me by complete surprise a few months ago. I'd had no plans to write such a book. The idea just came and stayed with me for about a week and it just wouldn't let me go so I started writing in my little summer house. And I was like a writing monster for a week. Yes, that's all it took to write this novel (well, the first draft anyway). Less than seven days.
Well, here it is...

Three years ago, Eve Brooke had the most passionate, memorable night of her life. Unfortunately, it was with a man who wasn't her husband.
Can infidelity be forgotten? Not when her one night stand moves in next door, it can’t.
Eve has a pretty good life. She’s married to Matt, her childhood sweetheart, has an interesting career and lives in a nice house in the suburbs. If life is so perfect why did Eve sleep with a complete stranger during a trip to London? And why, three years later did he have to move in next door with his beautiful wife? As the attraction between them flares up again, Eve begins to question her marriage and wonders if it is fate or coincidence that has brought them back together…

I'm currently looking for reviewers. If you would like a review copy of And Then There Was, please get in touch either by commenting below or email. Thanks :)


  1. Love it! Looks like a book I will love!!! Must get my copy now :)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! If you wait a few days it will be on promotion (free!) from the 16th to 18th November!! :) xxx


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