Are you a cry baby too?


I’m sitting here crying my eyes out. Not because of something tragic that has happened, no. I’m watching movies… the last one was a real weepy about a kidnapped boy who returns to his family nine years later. It’s so moving I just can’t stop crying. I’m such a softie like that. I’ve even been known to cry during adverts! Yes, that’s me… a weepaholic. I’ve even cried during Eastenders. And no, I do not watch it anymore… it was a case of utter madness one year when we got hooked. We soon unhooked ourselves mind you.
Generally speaking, I don’t like to watch sad movies. I know that’s sad in itself but I can’t bear the heartache, you know? There are certain movies I refuse to watch a second time because of the weepiness content - Pearl Harbour, Titanic, E.T are just a few. 
If it’s a movie that has sad scenes but a happy ending, then that’s great. I’m happy. But if it’s just sad, then why? Isn’t the world sad enough as it is? I want to be uplifted, inspired, euphoric (ok, maybe that last one is a bit much). But this is precisely why I tend to write books with happy endings… I want my readers to feel the same, you know?
How about you? Are you a cry baby when it comes to movies? TV? Which ones make you sob into your tissue?


  1. Steel Magnolias. Gets me every time. Sob ....

  2. Carol, yes! That's another on my list. I've only ever watched it all the way through once for this very reason! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I am actually not someone who cries too much when I watch things and read things. And it seems like a lot of people in the book community are! I've been the shoulder to cry on when my friends either finished reading or watching TFiOS or anything else with sadness in it. Titantic... countless more I have sat through with dry eyes. But one book that did make me cry was The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. So depressing, so sad :(

  4. Olivia, I've never actually read The Kite Runner and now that you've told me it's sad AND depressing, I don't think I want to lol! Thanks for commenting :D


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