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Pocket Man by Scott Jordan
Blurb: Imagine Bill Gates and Giorgio Armani started a business, then hired PT Barnum to promote it, and Larry David to tell the story. The result is this book. 
Since starting SCOTTeVEST in 2000 - my clothing business built around tech-enabled pockets - I’ve been featured in thousands of major press pieces, made millions of dollars and had the most memorable appearance of the entire ABC Shark Tank show.
I started out as an unhappy lawyer, and I reinvented myself by pursuing my passions and mastering the art of passionate, personal promotion.
This isn’t a how to business book, but entrepreneurs will learn a lot from my successes and failures about how to get the attention every business needs to stand above the competition.
This isn’t fiction, but some of the stories might make you wonder if they are true. I assure you... they are.
We’re going to turn the world of media upside down, shake it and see what falls out of its pockets. You will learn lots of ways to promote yourself and your business, if you have the fire.
Welcome to my unauthorized autobiography.

My Review

First off I should say that this is the first time I've ever read anything like this – a book based on the author's background, his business and business advice. But boy did I have fun reading it! I was blown away by Scott Jordan's utter enthusiasm – in fact I think it rubbed off on me a little bit.
I'll come clean and admit the main reason for reading Pocket Man is because I'm trying to learn how to promote myself and my business (I'm an author in case you didn't realise by now). Marketing is something I'm not particularly good at and I clearly need help.
Pocket Man has made me realise the biggest thing anyone needs in order to really get themselves out there is PASSION. I put that in capital letters for a reason. This guy is incredibly passionate about his products and his business and it just jumps off the page (or screen, in my case). I loved that about this book. That and the humour, of course. Scott's tales of woe and success often had me chuckling to myself, purely because of the down to earth manner in which he put it, as well as his humorous slant.
Not only have I learned a few gems about self-promotion (and what not to do), I've also grown to love the idea behind the SCOTTeVest and plan to buy one for my gadget-loving husband in the near future. See, his passion did rub off on me, right?
For more information, visit SCOTTeVEST or buy the book from Amazon.


  1. Passion is something needed to promote your product--in your case yourself and your books. Then you also need to learn how to direct that passion. That takes a lot of trial and error. Sounds like Scott shares a lot of that in this book. I don't read a lot of self-help books but this one sounds entertaining as well as informative.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  2. I am not very good at marketing either. Can't I just write and pray?

  3. LOL Elizabeth... you could try!!! He he he
    Sia... absolutely and that's something I'm trying to develop myself, slept slowly!
    Thanks for popping by ladies :) x


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