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Every February, I get super excited towards the end of the month. Why? The Oscars, baby! I’m addicted, absolutely love it. The excitement, the buzz, the fashion, the fashion faux-pas, the energy, but most of all - the inspiration it gives me. You see, since I was about twenty years old, I’ve dreamed of myself up there on that red carpet. Not as an actress or anything silly like that. But as a screenwriter - actually as an Oscar-Nominated screenwriter. What? A girl can have ambition, can’t she?
photo credit: oscars academy awards via photopin (license)
I usually love the oscar speeches by the underdogs, or simply by those that have worked incredibly hard to get there. The ones that talk to the screen during their speech and tell us that we CAN do it. They tell us that if they can do it, we can do it. And I always believe them. I know that I can. I have it in me. I’m sure of it.
I haven’t written any completed screenplays just yet, because I’ve been concentrating on writing novels but it is in my future plan. Maybe I’ll start later this year? Who knows?
As is always the case, this year’s Oscars left me teary-eyed at times, but I love that. I’m such an emotional gal, you know? One of the most emotional moments was during the performance of Glory from the Selma movie. Boy was that amazing. Have you seen it? It’s beautiful. Oh and I must mention Lady Gaga. I mean... WOW, that Sound of Music performance rocked. She was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! Who knew, eh? If you didn't see it, check it out below.
As for the fashion, there certainly were some interesting frocks - but none of them really blew me away this year. Jessica Chastain’s navy blue dress came pretty close though.
Dougie Howser… erm, sorry Neil Patrick Harris was a fabulous host and certainly did a cracking job - I particularly enjoyed his 'walk of shame’ on to the stage wearing nothing but his underpants, socks and shoes!
Did you watch the Oscars this year? What did you think? Did it inspire you?

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