You CAN heal your life


Many years ago when I was a teenager, I was lent a book that would have a profound impact on me. The name of that book? You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. The woman who lent me the book died about a year later. Something else that had a profound effect on me. You see, she was rather a special lady. She was my psychology and business studies teacher and she was also my dad’s girlfriend. She only lived with us for a short time before a massive asthma attack took her life. I was distraught. I’d lost my mother only about five years previously. So as you can imagine it was a difficult time for my family and I.
I’d developed quite a bond with her: I guess you could say she’d become a bit of a mentor, so to lose her when I was only seventeen hit me hard. But that book helped me enormously. You see, Carol (that was her name) was a tarot card reader and she told me not long before she died, that I would be successful in life, that I would reach self-realisation. Since she told me that, I have always had a strong belief in myself. I do have bad days, we all do. But when I do feel a little low, then that book is where I turn.
The author Louise Hay is an incredible woman who cured herself of cancer through positive thought and her book, You Can Heal Your Life, uses positive affirmations to help people make drastic changes to their lives.
Whenever I read it, I feel a huge burst of positivity and love bubble up from within me. It truly is an amazing read.
Over the past few months, I’ve been delving further into the world of affirmations and have discovered some wonderful books, all of which I will be telling you about at some stage. But first of all, if you are feeling low and need a boost, please get yourself a copy of Louise’s book. It just might change your life. In the meantime, check out her website for more details about positive affirmations and how they can make a difference.


  1. I love it when you come across a book that impacts your life for good. I've always been a believer that you make your reality, so positive thought is not a new thing, but it's definitely hard to reach when facing constant physical challenges and regular sleep deprivation. (But I guess those go with pregnancy, along with the hormones. Being a woman definitely makes life interesting, eh?)

  2. Man's Search for Meaning had a huge impact on me. Funny how words can be so powerful.

    Sorry to hear you lost so many good people. But it's good that you carry their memories in your daily life. That keeps them with us.

  3. Crystal, you're absolutely right but I wouldn't be able to comment on the whole pregnancy thing as I've never experienced it! Not out of choice, it just never happened for us. I guess that is something that was hard to live with for a while, especially in my later twenties and early thirties but now I'm approaching 40 (next December!), I've accepted it and know I can be happy without children of my own. Thanks for stopping by! :D

    Elizabeth, I've never read Man's Search of Meaning... I'm going to check it out though. Thanks for the recommendation. Hugs xx


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