Seize the Grey... dump that hair dye


When my hubby and I decided to become much healthier, one of the things I decided to do was stop dying my hair. What?! You're probably crying... why would she do that?! Is she totally insane?! Well, no, not really. I've always admired women who let their natural hair colour shine through... whether it's brunette, blonde, redhead, grey, white or silver. My Dad has a full head of silvery white hair and I love it. It really suits him. Yes, I know what you're thinking... grey hair on men is fine, but it's ageing on women. I agree that sometimes it can be ageing but it can also be beautiful - look at Carmen dell'Orefice (below)
Have a look at some of the other images I've collected of stunning silver (female) foxes over on my Seize The Grey Pinterest Board.
Carmen Dell'Orefice, The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection 2005 via photopin (license)
But I digress, why choose to stop colouring for health reasons? It is kind of obvious if you think about it. For over a year, I'd stopped using deodorants with aluminium so why let a whole host of other chemicals be poured onto my head on a regular basis? It seemed silly to do one and not the other. So I stopped. Went cold turkey. It was about three years ago when I dyed it for the last time and I haven't looked back since. I even chopped off my long locks to allow the silvery strands to show even more (when I had my hair chopped off, I did it in aid of the Make a Wish Foundation, raising around $800 in the process and I donated my hair to The Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children with serious illnesses - check out my video here). I must say I'm delighted with the results. Here's a picture taken in Orlando in January - this is my natural hair colour. If you look closely, you'll see the silver streaks which I LOVE! I'd actually be happy if I woke up tomorrow morning with a full head of silver hair lol!

Another reason why I stopped dying my hair is that there seem to be far more scary physical reactions to hair dye these days. They're often reported in the newspapers... women who've dyed their hair all their lives and then suddenly had a severe reaction, in some cases resulting in death. It's a very frightening scenario... all just to hide our greys. Crazy.
If you're thinking about going grey, check out the Going Grey blog where you'll find a whole host of amazing women who have made the transition, plus plenty of advice.
Have you already gone grey? Did you go grey at a young age? Are you covering up your silver streaks? I'd love to hear from you :D


  1. My Mom is only 57 and she is completely white and grey. She is actually more grey than my Baba (her mother) who is 87. She stopped dying her hair a few years ago and I think she looks amazing - as do you!
    Brandy from Brandy's Bustlings

  2. Brandy that's exactly the kind of story I like to hear. YAY to your mom :D Thank you for your kind comment. I'm popping over to check out your blog now!! xx


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