The Fourth Moon by Darren K. Bourke


The Fourth Moon by Darren K. Bourke
Hardcover, 256 pages
Expected publication: March 24th 2015 by Emerald Book Company In The Fourth Moon, Darren K. Bourke guides you on a journey to optimal, sustainable and leveraged success. The path begins with the First Moon (strategy), continues to the Second Moon (implementation), proceeds to the Third Moon (maintenance), and finally takes you to the ultimate goal, a place only a small percentage reach: the Fourth Moon (leverage).
Managers and business owners who reach the Fourth Moon can expect to . . .
• earn higher profits
• work less if they want
• create more lifestyle options
• increase personal net worth
• be truly authentic and in control of their lives
• maximize the value of their business
• breathe new life into their daily routines
• refine their life’s purpose and meaning
The Fourth Moon metaphor is simple, elegant and proven. Once the underlying principles are understood, managers, business owners, and their teams can immediately implement them by following a step-by-step process.
Whatever your challenge, The Fourth Moon will guide you through each stage of your journey to achieving your ultimate goal. 

My Review

This is certainly an interesting way of teaching business owners how to develop their business and ultimately, if they have what it takes to reach the so called 'Fourth Moon' (basically become rich and uber successful!). Darren Bourke basically takes one such 'business' and guides it through the several moons of Jupiter (sounds weird, but it totally makes sense when you start reading). It's actually quite an enjoyable and easy read, considering its written like an actual story to engage the reader. It works. I enjoyed it. I read this book to try and improve my own mis-guided attempts at promoting my work as an author. While this book certainly isn't aimed at authors as such, it is aimed at small businesses and therefore there were times when I realised his 'teachings' could help me. But all in all, I'd say it is a good companion to anyone starting out in business, or anyone whose business has hit a rut.


  1. If I ever hit the fourth moon, I'd just sit around and write. Hmm..guess I made it there...just without the money.

    1. LOL the money would be nice though, right? lol!! xx


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