H is for Husband #AtoZChallenge


This year my A to Z Challenge is all about wellbeing - something I'm particularly passionate about. Whether it's physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or even the wellbeing of my business, I'm passionate about it! Today it's all about Husband.... my husband that is! :D

Because my wellbeing is due, in part, to my amazing husband (who is an avid biker), I just had to mention him in this month's A to Z Challenge. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be quite as healthy as I am. You see, he likes to think of himself as 'The Doctor' (he isn't a doctor, of course - he's a businessman who renovates property) but he's got this thing about being super healthy, which is great! He's a lot healthier than I am because he doesn't drink (at all) and he can easily resist chocolate (my downfall).
If it wasn't for him, I'd probably still have stomach issues and I'd probably eat a lot more of the bad stuff. He really is the best, and a particularly good role model. I love him to bits and would be lost without him.
Do you have someone who helps you be a better person? I'd love to hear all about them!


  1. this is such a sweet post! :) my boyfriend always dares me to try new and exciting things which I would have been too scared to try if it wasn't for him like skiing and scuba diving. so in this and many other ways he makes me a happier person and my life more interesting <3

  2. Thank you Sunita! Your boyfriend sounds awesome too... it's good to be pushed to do something out of your comfort zone. I'm guilty of not doing that very often but I should take a leaf out of your book :D x


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