N is for Namaste #AtoZChallenge


This year my A to Z Challenge is all about wellbeing - something I'm particularly passionate about. Whether it's physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or even the wellbeing of my business, I'm passionate about it! Today it's all about Namaste :D

Urban Dictionary...
an ancient Sanskrit greeting still in everyday use in India and especially on the trail in the Nepal Himalaya. Translated roughly, it means "I bow to the God within you", or "The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you" - a knowing that we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness."

There's something about the word Namaste that I absolutely love. It conjures up yoga-loving, friendly folk, right? I particularly love it at the end of a class when we put our hands together in prayer position, touch our hands to our head before our heart and say, 'Namaste'. I just think it's lovely. Does that make me a proper yogi now? ;)


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  1. I had no idea Namaste had such a weighty meaning! I must admit I thought it was something that you said after yoga, and I wasn't sure it was an 'actual' greeting at all (eeps).
    It is a lovely word, and it does indeed make me think of yoga practice! If I ever make it to Nepal, I'll look forward to using it when I'm *not* wearing stretch pants.


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