My latest book, Stormy Summer, is out now!


I've been keeping a bit quiet lately... mainly because I've been working on something that I actually first wrote in my mid-twenties (which was quite a long time ago lol!). Initially the book was called Molly but that changed recently, not just because it was boring but also because Molly no longer seemed to suit the main character.
When I first wrote the book, I tried to go down the traditional route of getting an agent. This proved harder than I imagined and after a number of rejections (that came with numerous positive comments about it!) and the last straw - one agent said they thoroughly enjoyed it but thought it was a bit too 'Bridget Jones' (!), I decided to give up. So I put the book away and carried on doing what I was doing. Until five years ago when I published my first book, Raven. Since then, I occasionally thought about Molly but she wasn't ready. This year though, she is. I've been working on the book, along with my editor and... drum roll... it's now available on Amazon! I'm very excited about it, because it's quite a bit different from most of my other books (more like Forever Fredless than anything else, really). Stormy Summer is a really fun, light-hearted easy read - perfect for an afternoon lazing on the beach. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my readers enjoy it. Hopefully it will make them laugh, maybe even cry a little bit but above will, will leave them happily satisfied. So here it is, folks. I give you Stormy Summer.......

When Summer Miller is rudely awoken from the best hot 'n' heavy dream she has had in a long time, her day gets progressively worse... until she prangs the car belonging to one of the office's sexiest blokes. One thing leads to another and she soon finds herself dating a man who isn't quite what he seems. When her imagination goes overboard and she thinks he might actually be a 'she', Summer ends up running away to Portugal – straight into the arms of a handsome American stranger...
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