The vintage bug


Oh for the love of 'vintage' clothes.
I had forgotten what fun it can be to sort through a multitude of 'vintage' (well... second hand, anyway) items.
Last week, a friend and I decided to pop into Portimao for a coffee and a sandwich. There had been no discussions as to what else we might do... but, naturally, we ended up shopping.
But no ordinary shopping, I might add. We were bargain hunting.
My good pal knew of a great shop she had visited once or twice before. "It's fabulous. They've got this great big box and everything in it is one euro!" Had I heard right... one euro?! "Yes", she giggled.
It turned out the shop in question was a local charity shop and indeed, had this huge box full to overflowing with used and hardly worn garments.
What fun! We began at one end, turfing out all the tat and putting to one side all the items that we would try later. We must have been there a good hour, delving deep into the bowels of this amazing 'vintage' box.
Ok, perhaps I am dramatising it a little... there was an awful lot of hideousness in there but we did discover some real little treasures. I ended up with four tops:
1 deep red wool, roll neck top with no sleeves which will look fab over a long sleeved black top in the height of winter.
1 simple slit neck 3 quarter length sleeved top which look great with my new red suede shoes (see previous blog)
1 stunning purple and black cotton top - perfect for those stunning purple heels hubby bought me last Christmas!
1 fabulous black blouse with a frill down the front and super cuffs. It sounds scary but I've seen similar things on the catwalk this season - and it's just lovely!
My friend spent a massive seven euros on all her goodies.
Having enjoyed ourselves so much, we are popping out again today. This time, though, we are headed to another town that boasts a couple of 'vintage' shops.
Let's see what treasures we might uncover...

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