The constant whirr of motorbikes


I've had a lovely weekend... the weather was beautiful and I'd aleady done all the housework so I could just chill out and relax the whole time. Utter bliss.
My other half decided the weather was perfect for a ride out on his motorbike so he left at 3pm on Saturday afternoon, leaving me to laze in the sun to finish a great book I'd been reading (Behaving Badly by Isabel Wolff). Sprawled out on the sun lounger, I was in a world of my own, nothing to bother me but the sounds of nature all around... that and the constant whirr of motorbikes just over the hills.
That's right.... the sounds of motorbikes... whirring away.... constantly. Motorbikes that were practising for the Algarve's very first event of its kind at the brand spanking new autodrome which just happens to be located just 10 minutes' drive away from our house.
I'm not complaining. Not at all. I actually think it's rather fab that we're so close to something so new and exciting. Hopefully the proximity might even add a bit of value to the houses around here, particularly important should we decide to sell in the near future (which I hope we will do but I'll tell you about that later).
The autodrome's opening event is this weekend. Naturally my hubby and his friends have bought tickets. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to a day of guilt-free shopping at our local shopping centre! The event is the World Superbike Championship - quite impressive, don't you think?! I'm sure the noise will be quite loud so popping to the shops is another excuse to save my delicate ears (ahem). If you're interested in the autodrome, it has a website
Back to my lovely weekend... after a number of hours I started to get a tad worried about my nearest and dearest. Lately when he's out for a ride he's only been gone an hour or two but after two and a half, I did start concerning myself as to his whereabouts.
Luckily I needn't have worried, at about six I heard the sound of the bike a couple of miles away (you could say it's a bit loud) and he returned safe and sound. Turns out he'd been riding and had met a fellow English biker around the same age and they'd stopped for a coffee and a chat. They've swapped contact details so, hopefully, he now has a pal with whom to go out riding now and again. I do worry when he's out alone all the time!
We have lots of friends over here but none are 35 year old bikers with the same taste in bikes (and the same need for speed) as my hubby, so it'll make a nice change for him!

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