A Ducati incompatibility issue


A few weeks ago I finally plucked up the courage to go on the back of hubby's new motorbike. OH MY GOD..... the first and the last time, I can tell you!
This bike was certainly not designed for two. The fairing sticks out in such a manner that, because the foot pegs are positioned right underneath, you get bruises on your inner calves! It also didn't help that I wore full leathers that I had bought a few years ago and I am a little bigger than I was then! Although I was over the moon that I could still get them on, they were a bit tight and sitting astride a great throbbing machine (!!) like that was not the most comfortable I had ever been! In fact it was simply the most UNCOMFORTABLE I have ever been (in my life).
Luckily the ride was equally uncomfortable for hubby... so he now knows my dislike of riding behind him aboard the Ducati is not just an excuse but a genuine incompatibility issue!
Fortunately we still own the BMW bike inherited from his late father seven years ago, which is decidedly more comfortable for me. However, it can only be described as an 'old man's bike' but its great for longer distances because it's built for comfort and certainly not speed, like the Ducati is. So, in future, if I ever feel the need to have a rather larger throbbing machine between my legs... I'll opt for the black BMW and give the red Ducati a miss!
Here is a picture of me on the Ducati...looking like a natural, I might add (YEAH RIGHT).

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