Man flu


I have 'man flu'.
I have been ill all weekend and feel utterly miserable. I am a terrible patient and do feel sorry for my other half who has to put up with my moaning, sniffling, sneezing, coughing etc etc.
I had been feeling as though I was fighting something for a week or so and I guess my system said enough is enough and gave up the fight on Friday.
Waking up with difficulty in swallowing, I just knew it had finally got me. That same day I had a lunchtime meeting with a few friends about a fantastic event we're organising early next year (more about that later, when I'm feeling up to it!), so I at least managed to fend it off until I got home later in the day and then it hit me. So I have been unable to do anything for myself all weekend. What a bummer. I hope I wake up tomorrow with a new lease of life. Let's see.

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