Laura White and the 'nasty' X Factor judge


I just had to write about how gutted I am about Saturday's X Factor.
I have been a huge fan of Laura's since the very beginning. I honestly thought (and still think) she has the talent, the style and the personality to win that show.
Since the very start of the show however many years ago, Louis seems to have turned into a bitter and twisted 'old' man. He has become so aggressive and nasty about some of the acts and most of the time he is very wrong. Half the time, I think he votes against the other judges - this week I reckon he had it in for Cheryl because of her comment about JLS and Westlife!
I am so angry about it. There are a few singers in the current series that are simply amazing and Laura was one of them.
I don't deny that Ruth isn't great, of course she is - but Laura really does have more vocal talent. Louis voting for Ruth because she is a 'fighter' is absolute rubbish.
I was in tears on Saturday.
Can you tell I'm angry??
Laura is going to be a huge star, regardless of the X Factor!

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