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It's been a few months since I created this blog so I guess it's about time I wrote a little more about me and what I do.
I am a freelance writer and I also work as the Features Editor for the best English language weekly newspaper in Portugal, The Resident (see http://www.the-resident.com/), where I can be found three days a week.
I absolutely love to write. Whether it's snippets for my blog, in depth interviews with local residents and businesspeople or general articles, I get such a kick out of creating something from nothing. Even more of a kick when I am complimented on my work, but, of course, that goes without saying!
Since completing my A'levels when I was 18, I have met so many different fascinating people that either live in the Algarve, or frequently visit this beautiful part of the world. From musicians that have worked with the likes of Sammy Davies Jr to the creator of one of the largest hotel chains in England, I've been having a ball getting to know such great personalities.
I have even met Kiki Dee (although that wasn't connected to work) - a very quiet and softly spoken lady. When I met her, she had not long since returned from Elton John's wedding!
As mentioned in a previous blog, I have had the honour of interviewing Stacey Kent over the phone. She was a lovely person and her music is just beautiful. Hubby and I are big fans. We often listen to her, alongside other jazz greats.
But it's those non-famous folk that are even more fascinating. The Algarve is full of them, I can tell you. Some people living here are, undoubtedly, a little strange (I mean... this picture of me, below and my good friend, Rambo, says it all!) but generally speaking, are a lot of fun and super to talk to.
I met a fabulous woman through work who designs her own leather jewellery. We hit it off the moment we met and I am pleased and proud to say that she will be at The Clothes Show Live next month! I am very excited for her. You can check out her beautiful jewellery on http://www.lwrap.com/
In fact, they would make the most excellent Christmas gifts!!

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