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This horrible horrible weather is beginning to do my head in! It's been raining for days on end... the last couple of days it's been akin to the constant drizzle you get in England.
With very little else to do when the weather is so awful, I found myself sitting in front of a roaring fire, watching TV this afternoon. Although, having said that, that is where you will often find me on a Sunday afternoon!
I love my TV!!
I was rather excited last week on finding that, after returning from our holiday in the States, we had lost all our freesat channels (bummer) so I re-booted (re-configured, re-whatever!) our receiver and found a load more channels!!!
Before, we only picked up a few random channels including BBC and ITV1. Now I can get ITV2, ITV4, Channel4, Film4, E4, a whole load music channels, Zone Horror, Zone Thriller, Zone Romantica, etc, etc, etc! I now have a choice!
Although it's wonderful for such a TV addict, it's also a pain in the proverbial because I find myself constantly flicking through the channels as I'm afraid I might be missing something exciting.
This afternoon though, I found some 'interesting' viewing (you can take that any way you like!). On the E4 Channel, first was an American show about a beauty pageant for mothers and their adult daughters, where the winner goes away with 100,000 dollars. It was highly amusing to see grown women acting like little girls.
Today they were introducing themselves to the judges in order to give a good first impression. I have to say, only one duo managed to do that. Most of the others just looked, and sounded, like spoilt little girls. Each couple had to give themselves a name too... this was very funny considering one opted for 'Silent But Deadly'.. clearly they weren't aware of the connotations of such a name (unless they suffered with terrible wind, of course).
Another team chose 'Skin Deep'... not much to them, then?
I guessed that the 'Blonde Bombshells' weren't too interested at coming across at anything other than dumb blondes, which they achieved.
Mind you, it was very entertaining and highly amusing... if I'm at home, I will make at point of watching it next weekend.
Following this painfully amusing but very watchable programme was another called 'The Bachelor', filmed two years ago. I had obviously heard about this programme (wasn't Ulrika Johnson on a British version??). The guy was 30 years old and he had been paired up with a dozen or so astonishingly beautiful and successful women in their forties. Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with the age gap but they were making a big thing out of it, and then at the end of the show they brought on a dozen of other girls to compete with them... only they were all in their twenties! Fascinating! Again, I'd love to know who he falls for! (I'll keep an eye out next weekend).
Soon after that, the rain came down even harder, clouds became thicker and the sky was as black as Bill mother's (where does that expression come from, I wonder?), which made the satellite TV unwatchable! Typical. As much as I wanted to avoid the kitchen, it beckoned... with little else to do, I ended up preparing dinner... very early!
What is there to do in this country when the weather is so appalling? You'd think after nearly 23 years, I might have come up with a suitable solution by now.

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