The mind boggles


My mind is buzzing..... for so many different reasons.
As I have mentioned previously, I am one of the organisers of what promises to be a fabulous girlie event this weekend. The Walk In Wardrobe is a swishing event for those in the know. For those not... come on dahlings... get with it. It's where women get together to swap clothes. Perfect for the current situation - or should I call it recession?
With businesses going bust left, right and centre, going shopping is not on many of our agendas. Let's face it...most of us just can't afford it. As much as we'd love nothing more than to go and spend our pennies on the latest fashions, we need to scrimp and save for the more mundane daily items such as food (yaawwwn).
Actually... I am a foodie. I love my food. I love your food. I love most food. I could so easily be a big fat heffer... thank goodness my parents didn't give me the so-called 'fat' gene. Yes, of course I know I'm not a skinny bean pole and I could do with losing a few pounds but I like having a bit of meat on me. And so does hubby.
Anyway... I seem to have gone off on a tangent (I do that a lot). I was talking about The Walk In Wardrobe. Having never organised anything of real importance (my step mother in law was mostly responsible for our wedding), I'm finding the whole process, although enjoyable, a tad mind boggling. I couldn't be an events organiser to save my life. I'll leave that to those who can (Eloise... that would be you... so in future....ahem).
Not only that, but I have so many other things to think about at the moment - but I won't bore you with any of that just now. That's for the future!
With little time on my hands, that's about all I can manage today... but I will be back with some great tales of swishing next week.
Now.... where did I put that Chocolate Digestive???

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