The sun is shining!


After what feels like months of miserably wet, cold and windy weather, the sun is finally shining in the Algarve! The sky is as blue as it could possibly get and the feel of the sun of my skin is utterly divine.
I've never been much of a summer gal, having always preferred cold winters where we can snuggle up on the sofa wearing thick woolly jumpers, but I think I'm finally changing my mind. I have noticed that as I get older, I love it when the spring pushes the winter out of the way.
I feel like taking a deep breath and breathing in the real beginnings of a new year. I feel more positive and can look to the future... wherever that may be!
As I type, hubby is outside, getting rid of the tons and tons of weeds that have taken hold of the garden over recent months. Now, I'm not THAT into the sun that I will go out there and give him a hand (I don't do gardening) but it is lovely to watch him hard at work digging over what promises to be full of vegetables over the next several months. Those delicious home grown varieties that he has put so much hard work into makes them even more tasty to eat!
Don't get me wrong... I have helped on the odd occasion in the past. If he has had to pop over to the UK, for example, I've had no choice put to be responsible for the watering of all those lovely veggies. And I do pick the stuff when it's ripe for eating! The peas often don't make it to the table as they're so delicious freshly picked.
Maybe in a few year's time, I will develop a keenness for green fingers, but for the time being, I'm just going to enjoy sitting out there with a good book and (in the evening) a nice cold glass of vinho! Mmmmm
Roll on summer.....

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