Nada. Rien. Nothing


When you are unsure about what to write in your blog… what springs to mind? Nothing…. not a single, tiny little thing. When you want a blank mind (to, perhaps fall asleep, cut out a particularly boring conversation, etc) you just can’t blank everything out. But when you want your imagination to run riot, you get nothing but a blank mind. Grrrr. Very irritating.

So, what should I write about?

Should I tell you a bit about my life? Should I tell you that I have actually written a novel? That it remains an unpublished novel? That getting a literary agent is nigh on impossible? That because of this I decided to put that novel in a drawer somewhere and completely forget it about or should I tell you that I started a second novel about five years ago but I have been too lazy to finish it?
No… perhaps I just won’t write anything. For now anyway.

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