It’s been a while since I wrote, for various reasons, including the purchase of a new computer which we haven’t been able to connect to the internet! In the process of trying to connect it, wirelessely, we also completely lost connection on hubby’s laptop too. Grrrr..... very irritating, I can tell you.
On the subject of irritations, buying this (pink!) laptop was another. Ok, it wasn’t the actual purchase that was annoying, it was the delivery method.
We decided to order from the UK, which would save us several hundred euros so we chose a popular website that we had used once before. Once the item was ordered (we paid an extra 40 pounds for delivery) we received a thank you email, followed by a ‘dispatched’ message. We waited... and waited... and waited. On the dispatched note, it had said that it would take 5 to 6 days for delivery. At the end of the week, I sent the company an email asking for confirmation on how delivery was expected, ie was it sent via Royal Mail or was it dispatched using a Courier? A response was never received, so I sent a further message several days later. Again... nothing.
At the same time that the computer was ordered, another item was ordered for hubby’s motorbike (also from the UK). We knew this had been dispatched via Parcelforce.
Some 14 days later, I received a phone call from a lady that lived elsewhere on our urbanisation. She had arrived home to find two parcels ‘thrown’ over her fence with our name on it! Fortunately she was a lovely and honest woman and so had located our contact details in the phone book, in order to tell us she had our parcels in her possession.
I was shocked to find that one of these parcels was my laptop. Fortunately it was not damaged. I am absolutely outraged that Parcelforce have acted in such an irresponsible way. Our address was written very clearly on the parcels... and on one it stated that it contained a new laptop! It is disgusting... to say the least. So I urge you... if you are ever ordering anything over the internet, be very wary if it is sent via Parcelforce.

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