Oh no... here comes the summer!


It’s that time of year again when the sun gradually gets hotter and hotter and the mosquitoes start to materialise everywhere you look. Last night was my first night in summer hell. It was warm but not quite warm enough to warrant switching on the air conditioning, so we opted for the fan instead. Having said that, the fan was on more to stop the mosquitoes from landing on us. It didn’t work too well, however, and I found myself swatting them around my pillow for much of the night.
When I did finally manage to sleep, I had heart stopping scary nightmares. And to top it all off, I had to wake up earlier than usual to drop my husband off somewhere this morning before heading to the office. I was exhausted. I was irritable. Not a good combination but what can you do?
I always forget how much I dislike the summer here. Almost everyone else I speak to comes to the Algarve for the sun. They simply love May through September because it’s “gloriously hot”. I, on the other hand, could quite easily move somewhere cold and dreary just to get away from it.
The first signs of the summer are enjoyable and relaxing, but after about a week or two, I’ve had enough…!

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  1. I completly agree with you. I hate all the traffic, the queues in the shops, lack of parking spaces and no tables at the cafes.....all combined with draining heat. Makes me sound really ungrateful but the sad fact is that apart from at the weekends when I can pretend I'm a tourist I really don't like the summer here xxx


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