Doppelgangers galore


No matter where I go or what I'm doing, I always seem to see Doppelgangers. The other day I was at the Race Track and was introduced to a guy who was the spitting image of Jack Palance (you know, the actor from City Slickers). I regret not taking a photo to show you but I will the next time I see him.
I even followed a young man around the supermarket once because he was the image of my younger brother (who lives hundreds of miles away). He must have thought I was some kind of crazed stalker woman. Sadly, that was before the advent of camera phones so I couldn't even get a sneaky pic of him.
My dad was in London once and swears he saw my doppelganger there. She was on the Tube. I was in Portugal. He was gobsmacked. I love it!
When I was younger, you wouldn't believe the times I was told 'you look so much like Sporty Spice'. My husband doesn't fancy her, he fancies the cute blonde one, Baby Spice. Oh well, at least I'm not Scary (well...).
Sometimes when I'm driving, all the other drivers look like famous folk. Last week, I could have swore that Jose Mourinho drove right past me. But then, he was followed by Patrick Stewart. Clearly, I'm probably just losing the plot. It wouldn't be the first time. I am a writer, after all.

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