A night with the stars


Last night I mingled with the stars. I was in the Air Force watching an almighty performance by Dionne Warwick. Beside me sat Madonna, Steffi Graf and Sean Penn among many other celebrities - dead and alive.
Yes, yes, I was dreaming about famous people again.
It happens rather a lot, I've no idea why. My dad often dreams of royalty and he reckons its because one day he'll meet them (or be as rich as them, something like that anyway). Not quite sure how he's going to be rich... I don't know many super wealthy gardeners. Mind you, there's always the lottery, I suppose.
So, based on his theory, I may well be mingling with the stars in the future. Let's hope it's because I'm a bestselling author with Stephenie and JK as my close friends.
Oh leave me alone... a woman can dream, can't she?


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