My Weeping Willow poem to be published!!


I'm thrilled to bits!
I've just received a letter about a poem I submitted to a competition quite a while ago. In fact I had forgotten all about it. But lo and behold, this letter arrived yesterday telling me that my poem had been chosen to be published in an anthology that is due to be published in December.
Proceeds of the book are in aid of the Golden Grove Appeal, which aims to purchase the Golden Grove Mansion, to turn it into a much-needed facility for the treatment of injured servicemen and women, so I am thrilled to bits that my little poem, The Weeping Willow is going someway to help a very worthy cause.
The book is entitled 'United in Inspiration: The Golden Grove Appeal Poetry Collection'.


  1. Thank you Jamie! And thanks for following my blog... it means a heck of a lot to me, to say the least!!

  2. Congratulations, Suzy! I'm sure you'll be smiling all day.

  3. Big congratulations! You deserve it xx


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