One frustrated broad!


I'm so damn frustrated... I'm not cut out for all this website creation malarkey! Over a year ago I managed to create a page on my domain
Although the page looked to have been created by an amateur (it was, of course!), I was thrilled that I had managed to upload it at all. It took AGES mind you but it didn't matter... I had a website (well... a solid web page).
I neglected it for quite a few months but the other day decided to check it out. Needless to say, I was not impressed, at all.
It was far too pink... what was I thinking?? It was quite embarrassing frankly, and needed to be changed, pronto.
Now, all the 'expertise' (ahem) that I had acquired all those months ago have gone right out the window. I couldn't remember a thing. Not a single little tiny minute thing.
I have tried, oh have I tried, to get it back up and running but no. The frustrating thing is the fact that on my laptop, my new page stares proudly back at me. On my husband's laptop, he has nothing by gibberish. Why?? Oh why?? I spent several hours trying to sort it out but I simply am not cut out for this. I am not cut out for I.T. (it's probably not even called I.T. any more).
So, whereas before I had at least a very pink overy girly web page to show the world, now I have nothing. Aaaaaaaarghhhhh! I give in.... at least for today. There is a perfectly good Chinese meal waiting for me down the road at the moment.
Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I'll crack it then. But then.....

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