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I read a great post the other day (sorry but I seem to have lost the link) about the fact that so many of us communicate via social networking sites but we never really know the people we're talking to.
The person who wrote the post had been regularly 'chatting' to someone online and had never even realised that this person suffered from a debilitating illness that caused her constant pain.
It's true, we might see avatars of our 'friends' and 'followers' but what's behind these images? Who are these people? Would we be friends if we met in the flesh?
It is for this reason that I would like to share a few snippets about myself... so you know who I am. The person behind that little picture over on the left hand side of this screen. I'd love to hear a little about you... who you really are, so do drop me a line. Let's not just connect... let's get to know each other a little better!
* I was born in the town of Rotherham in Yorkshire, England
* My dad won the football Pools (lottery) when I was really young (not that you'd know now!)
* When I was ten my family and I moved to the Algarve, Portugal
* My mother died when I was just 13. She was only 34
* On my 16th birthday I met the love of my life. He proposed on my 21st birthday and we were married the following year
* I failed my driving test the first time round. Luckily I passed on the 2nd!
* I love dark chocolate
* One of my favourite books was one I studied at school... A Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
* I often suffer from back pain / sciatica
* I have one dog and four cats
* I adore Canada... I've only visited once but we've just booked our next trip for early next year
* I am a Harry Potter and Twilight nut
* I wrote my first novel about 12 years ago. It was a chick lit novel called Molly and it wasn't particularly good
* I recently read a short romance story I had published years ago in a newspaper. God, it was bad.
* I love white wine
* One of the best things I ever bought was my Nespresso machine (and it's not just because George Clooney features in its adverts)
* I learned a lot from author Jilly Cooper when I was a young teen (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)
* I think Piers Morgan is quite sexy... is that weird?
* I only half read The Time Traveler's Wife because I got bored of it... sorry Audrey Niffenegger!
* The girl in the picture? Yes, it's me. But no. I don't drive bikes. My husband does though. I'm just being a poser!

I'll probably add more as and when!


  1. Canada is an awesome place to be :D

    And there is nothing better than a glass of white wine ... especially when trying to make it throught the Time Travellers Wife (I couldn't do it either :p

  2. Oh I'm so relieved there's someone else that didn;t find that book brilliant lol
    I am currently enjoying a glass of white wine... it's lovely! (It's almost 6pm here so it's allowed! ; )


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