Scaring me senseless


It's pitch black outside. My husband sleeps peacefully beside me. My bedside lamp is lit and I sit here with my laptop tapping away at the keys (actually I was on Twitter but that's beside the point).
It's still warm so the fan whirrs away in the background, but it doesn't prevent the strange sounds outside from wafting in and... scaring me senseless!
I don't know what it is but with my wild imagination I would say it sounds like enormous wings flapping. My first thought takes me back to a film that has terrorised my imagination since the night I watched it. I don't want to even mention it's name but I feel I must. Oh god... it's getting louder. Do I wake him up beside me?
No, he will only laugh (well, no, he won't laugh now. Maybe he will in the morning but not now). I won't wake him.
I must not think about that damn film. Oh dear... it's too late. It's in my head. Stuck in my mind. Horrifying images flash here and there. Oh, damn horror films. I now fear I won't be able to turn off the light.
I am like a child, even though I am 34... nearing 35 actually. Perhaps had I ever had children, I might have been different. I'd be too focussed on ridding the children of their nightly fears than worrying about silly sounds that go 'bump' in the night.
No... I'm a grown woman. An adult. A silly woman with an over active imagination. I stop again, and listen. I will conquer this fear. I throw back the covers and tentatively tiptoe to the window............
Only kidding!
I still don't know what it is, so I've woken him up. He doesn't look happy but I force him to go to the terrace anyway. He listens for a while and then goes back to bed with little comment. Well... thanks a lot.
So here I am. My imagination still running wild. For now though, I content myself with the fact that it sounds like a giant fan and there is little else that it can be (or should I say, hope?)
Midnight is nearing. Time for sleep. I will try and force the noise from my mind. But before I can... of course, the name of the stupid movie returns.
Jeepers Creepers.
Well... thanks brain. Just what I need.


  1. You never know when something scary is going to take hold in your imagination and scare the bejeebers out of you...
    Hey thanks for following my blog, I'm a new follower too!

  2. I saw The Birds, and it scared me $h!tless, too! Hitchcock, what a master. Great to find your blog. Thanks for the follow, and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say!

  3. P.S. -- Let's connect on Twitter, too! I'm @NicoleDwrites over there :))

  4. *Shudders* I know this feeling all to well. An episode of Criminal Minds will put me in a very bad place, I try and help myself by watching something funny but the fear etched a memory to return too... talk about totally uncool!

    I's a new follower and it was amazing to find your blog... your writing style is Fab!!! I'm looking for you on twitter!

  5. Ahhhh... I remember that movie!!! I didn't sleep for weeks!!! I scare myself senseless every morning in the pitch dark, when I get in my car to go to work and think someone is sitting in the back seat :S

  6. I think we all watch too many scary movies by the sound of things!!!
    Perhaps not though, perhaps it's just the typical writer's majorly over active imaginations taking over!!


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