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I have just spent a few hours perusing the blogosphere. I am amazed at the sheer number of fantastic blogs there are out there... and I was only looking at ones related to books and authors.
I am truly envious of those blogs that are stunning creations - pieces of art, even. But it's the content that is so cool in these instances. The majority of these fabulous bloggers must spend hours and hours reading all the latest books out there and then they tell the world what they thought.
Admittedly, the majority of the ones that interested me today were mostly related to the YA genre... and you could tell by the styles of their blogs. Some were really cute and girly and others were dark and brooding (Edward Cullen sprang to mind).
All made me want to grab a book and curl up on the sofa... something, I am ashamed to admit, I haven't been in the mood for, for at least a few weeks. Now, along with the change in the weather, I feel a change in my disposition. I am beginning to feel like I need to get back to my reading (and my writing, but that's for another post...!) and get into a great YA book.
But I can't do that until I've finished reading two that I had already started. I'd feel incredibly guilty otherwise. One is a chick lit comedy by Wendy Holden called School for Husbands and the other, is a romance novel that I recently won online by Maria Savva (you can find Maria on twitter @maria_savva).
Right... with that, I'm off to put my feet up! I shall let you know (hopefully soon) what I thought of them both. And then I can really get stuck into a great YA book!
PS. Please check out all the blogs that I am following (to the left), as they were all so excellent, I just had to follow them all!


  1. You're very welcome....I;m sure you will thoroughly enjoy them.


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