I get tongue-tied... all the time.
If I'm writing, I don't have the problem (duh... because I have time to think about it) but when I'm trying to have a normal conversation, I forget the simplest of words and get even more simpler words jumbled up.
Clearly, this is not normal. But why does it happen?
Am I spending so little time talking to people and too much time typing? Possibly. Does it happen to you?
Perhaps I am focussing on it too much that it's become a psychological thing (or pyscho thing!) so that whenever I start talking, something in the back of my mind goes 'what are you doing? you can't have a conversation. what are you trying to do?' and basically, messes me up.
Or perhaps I'm just losing it. Am I a lost cause?


  1. I honestly don't think you're loosing it.
    Because I know at least one other person who has the same symptoms ! ME !!
    But I find writing and speaking are two different things.
    And it's okay if one does not excel on both of them.
    Plus, lucky for me, one of my best friend is quite the opposite of me. ^_^

  2. Thank you, Kathryn! I feel much, much better knowing that it's not just me!

  3. I'm glad to help lol
    Oh, I forgot to mention.... the reason I clicked instantly on this post is because of it's title, "tongue-tied."
    I don't know if you like listening to music but this is one of my favorite song of a favorite artist.

    Aqualung, obviously the title is "tongue-tied"

    I just had to say ^_^
    hope you don't mind me leaving the link !
    and if you do, just erase it.

  4. Oh wow Kathryn! I hadn't heard this before. It's awesome! I love music like this... sort of eerie. The kind of thing you'd find on a movie like Twilight.
    Oh... it's FAB. Thank you for the link! And for introducing me to Aqualung!! : )

  5. My friends say they can tell when I'm really on a roll with writing because I space out all the time when they're talking me ... and sound kind of dumb :p

    There must be something to this post :D.


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