A great give away.... from Erica Hayes


I love a good give away and I just saw that urban fantasy author Erica Hayes is running a competition, the winner of which wins a selection of great fantasy books out this week. I have to say I do like her style... to enter to win, you must befriend her on twitter, 'like' her facebook page, retweet her competition on twitter, mention her on your blog (!) and ask her a question about her life as an author.
Well, as you can see, I am clearly after those books! But... I like to think I am helping Erica get the word out about her work. I know how difficult it is to become a published author (no, I'm not at that stage yet but give me time) so its just cool to help out whenever I can... also in the hope that others will do the same for me. Please check out Erica's website and blog and help spread the word about not only a fun competition, but an intriguing author...


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the contest.

    And even more thanks for visiting and following. I wish you luck in your publication dreams. It's a rough road but others have done it before us. We may just make it. Roland

  2. Hi,

    Keep writing regardless: the best motto ever for writers.

    This is really a quick fly-by to say welcome to the "Romancing The Blog" blog-hop!


  3. Suzy, you're so sweet for sharing the love! Thank you! Great to find you on the bloghop, btw!

    Have a great up-coming weekend!

    ~Elizabeth :)


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