U feeling lucky....punk?


It was a rollover on the Euromillions lottery last week. That's pretty much the only time I ever put it on... when there's a ridiculously amount of cash to be won. I would do it every week, but I forget. It's only that it seems to be advertised everywhere when there's a rollover that I actually remember.
I was walking through the supermarket with my husband when I suddenly remembered... lorra lorra cash to be won. I rushed in and put on my 10 euros worth of attempts and rushed back out with a grin on my face.
My husband shook his head, "there goes another 10 euros... wasted" he said. He always says that.
"Well, someone's got to win. You never know" I laughed.
"Yes I do know and it's not going to be us".
This bugged me a bit (he does it on purpose to wind me up and it always works).
"It might be. You need to change your attitude for us to be able to win. You need to think positive that something like that will happen. That's why you've never won anything."
Of course he shook his head again and said it's not about luck.
"Of course it is", I added.
And that was the end of the conversation about luck and winning.
That was until I got home and switched on my computer to check my emails. My first message?
"Congratulations, Suzy, you've won a book!"
Hee hee hee


  1. Congratulations on winning! And on your winning attitude. I agree with you, it is all in the words. We know this as writers, we create worlds with our words. It's the same in real life. We create what we say. If I say I will win, I will. And vice versa.

    If I continue saying, and believing, that my book will be a bestseller. It will. Yours too.

    I believe. You go girl!

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  2. The funny thing is... I just won another one!!!


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