Writing. It's one of those things in life that you either love or you hate. My husband very much falls into the latter category, luckily for me as it seems to be the only thing he's useless at. And, if I do say so myself, it's the one thing that I'm actually not too bad at.
M (my husband) has never liked it, not at school, not at work, not at all. Although he has improved tremendously over the years, he still turns to me to double check any letters or emails that need to be sent for his work.
Well, it goes without saying that I love to write. My mind is a cornucopia of ideas that can be made into works of fiction, but often, the ideas remain there. In my mind, that is. I find myself sitting here wondering what to write. Last night as I was dropping off to sleep, I had tonnes of great ideas for posts and for stories. But where are on earth are they now?
Yes, I do know that I should be working on my novel instead of wasting time trying to think up ideas for my blog. But today, I am not in the mood for Raven. Just like yesterday, my brain wasn't in Raven mode. Tomorrow though, perhaps it will be. Perhaps I just need to focus myself and tell myself that tomorrow is a day dedicated to all things Raven. In fact, while I'm thinking about it, I'm going to work on nothing else tomorrow, other than Raven.
Right, now I've got that out of the way. How about a nice cup of tea?


  1. Sometimes nothing helps your writing better than a few days off :)

    In my case it's been a month off *gulp* but hopefully NaNo will kick my butt into shape.

  2. Blog done - time for Raven!
    And glad my wife likes reading and writing as well.

  3. Your husband reminds me a little bit of mine (although mine is not bad at writing, he doesn't care for it too much.) He tells me he's "too busy living to be writing." Ha-ha. He says that when he's old and retired, he'll write. (And he has plenty of stories to tell since he's a cop.)

    Like you, I should be working on my novel right now, but here I am instead...

    Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for joining my group blog.



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