Practical Magic... an all time favourite movie


I just had to share this with you... I am currently watching one of my all time favourite movies, Practical Magic. Even though I own the DVD, I haven't watched it for a while. So here I am sitting on the sofa, feeling really rough with a nasty cold, when I switched on the TV to find Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman looking back at me.
Squeeling with excitement (yes, I know, I can be quite sad) I have now settled down to watch it and, as always, it's WONDERFUL. It's such an inspiring film for me. The mixture of magic, drama, romance, sadness and at times, horror (well, perhaps horror is a tad strong, but you know what I mean) is just mind tingling. Combine that with the enticing music and I'm in a trance.
I just love it... love it!


  1. Funny how certain films mean so much. Mine is Groundhog Day, and I realise why, at my age I'd like to have the same opportunities... and thanks so much for joining me.

  2. Ooh, sounds like a good movie! Thanks for following!

  3. oh, I do love this book, although it may not be my all time favorite. My go-to movies to watch when I'm sick are all that is Disney! ^^ I don't think I'll ever get old for Disney... *sigh* hope you get better soon !

  4. Groundhog Day, Carole Anne ... that's one that I never really enjoyed when it first came out and then I watched it a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it! It's funny how our tastes change.
    Ooh Laura... you must try and get your hands on Practical Magic... it's sooo cool!
    Disney movies, Kathryn - I will never tire of! Especially ones like Enchanted!
    Thanks for the comments guys.

  5. I love this movie, too, and the music in it is just as good!

  6. That's funny, because the book I'm reviewing this week is by the same author who wrote Practical Magic -- Alice Hoffman. If you've never read any of her books you should try her newest ones about Green. She definitely has a voice all her own.

  7. I've never even read the book... so Mary, thanks for the heads up! And Debbie... yes, gorgeous, gorgeous music (I often listen to it when I'm writing!


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