Combining words and images


For some time, I have noticed many bloggers using the Wordpress platform. It comes to my attention every time I discover a super blog that I am keen to follow, but when I try and find the 'follow' button, there doesn't seem to be one.
So, I figured I might try this wordpress malarkey myself. Et voila... is born! Now, I've been through all their themes and have decided to do something a little different to compliment my blog over here at blogger. Instead of writing longer posts over there, I have chosen a cool theme for photographers. 'But, a photographer, she ain't' I hear you say. And you're right, I'm not. However, over the years, my husband (and I, on occasion) has taken some pretty awesome photos that I'd like to share (and occasionally, I just might borrow some nice images from elsewhere). Each image I choose to post, I will write something to go along with it. A kind of image meets words kinda thing. It might sound a bit odd, but I know what I want to do in my mind. Why not scoot on over there and check it out?! Its still very much in its infancy, mind you so please be patient (and do pass it on to anybody you think might like it!)
Oh, and the funny thing... there doesn't appear to be a 'follow' button after all!


  1. Hi Suzy, I have a wordpress blog and have a followers widget. In order to do that the blog has to be self hosted through something other than wordpress and then it's a plugin. I just googled it to figure it out.

  2. I think there's a strong connection between written word and visual image. You might appreciate an essay I wrote on the subject -- Words into Images/Images into Words

  3. Thanks guys! I will check them both out.

  4. That irks me about wordpress, too. I clicked over though and what amazing pictures! Darling you ARE a photographer. Period. No qualification needed. Be proud. :)

    I'm proud for you! that rebel, Olivia

  5. Olivia... thank you so much for the fantastic words of encouragement!! What a star you are!!

  6. With Wordpress some people have the followers widget which I like and others don't. In that case I do an email subscription and get notified whenever people post.

    I use Wordpress for my official website, but I love Blogger for regular blogging.


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