Celebalike?? Really??


I'm having a bit of a giggle at the moment...
I just downloaded the free iphone app, Celebalike, after reading about it online somwhere (was it Glamour Magazine or a similar site?).
Basically you either take a photo or you upload one of yourself, choose your gender and then the app scans through lots of picture of celebrities and comes up with the one most like you.
However... it doesn't seem to work too well. I started off with this photo...

...and it came up with Sharon Stone!

Then, I tried this one...

...and it came up with Anna Kendrick!

This one...

...says I look like Mischa Barton!! Come on... it can't get much further from what I look like!

OK, one more...

ERRRRRR..... Megan Fox?????? I WISH!!!

Oh dear... I don't think this is a particularly genuine lookalike app, is it? Clearly NOT!!

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