Tell me about your Thanksgiving


Having grown up in Europe, I have little knowledge of Thanksgiving... other than what I have seen in American movies, of course.
Last year, some friends, my husband and I happened to be in Canada during their Thanksgiving celebration. We had no clue at the time. We just happened to be in the supermarket one day when it was mentioned by a passer by. "Thanksgiving", we said to each other. "When is it Thanksgiving?" Our answer was given by a guy behind the deli counter. Imagine our surprise when he told us it was just a couple of days away. He was a bit busy to stand and answer too many more of our questions, so we left along with our dinner... and a few bags of fresh cranberries!
Having enjoyed the remainder of our holiday, we were still none the wiser about the Thanksgiving holiday, other than the fact that it took place in October in Canada and November in the US.
Can you enlighten me? Why is it on different dates? Are you celebrating different things? I'd love to hear what you get up to during this holiday! It always looks so lovely on TV!!
I apologise for my ignorance, I must brush up on my knowledge of such things if I am to move to Canada in the future.


  1. Is it horrible that I'm Canadian and have no idea why our Thanksgiving is in October? I know the Americans are celebrating the whole Mayflower/Pilgrim thing, but as far as Canada goes I don't think we're celebrating anything other than giving thanks, and I think it has to do with the Harvest Festivals held by farmers and First Nations.

    But I do know that it's delicious :D And only rivaled in meal epicness by Christmas Day and Easter.

  2. Ooh dear, Erica! Well, at least you seem to know the basics!! And the most important part is that you enjoy it... and all the lovely foods associated with it! I think I would like to have a Thanksgiving celebration over here in Europe!


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