A poorly girl


I feel very guilty.... it's been nearly two whole weeks with me barely being able to touch my laptop. The reason? I've been a poorly girl. Sob sob.
It all started a week ago when my stomach started feeling decidedly dodgy... several hours in the bathroom later, I felt a little better.
Then the following evening.... BOOM. I literally had to sleep on the floor of my bathroom, vomiting and, well... I don't need to give any more details! I felt like I was going to die. The next day I had never felt aches and pains like it. And it wasn't until that evening that we realised I had a fever. Once we had managed to cool myself down a little, I started feeling a little better. Since then, there's been lots of aches and pains and I've felt incredibly weak. Now though... I am almost back to my normal self. Hurray!
I've no idea where I picked up such a nasty bug but I have heard of a few other people suffering the same symptoms. I feel for anyone that has to go through that hell. Me? I am finally strong enough to pick up my computer and check in with all my online pals. So hello!! It's good to be back, I can tell you!


  1. How nasty, poor thing, glad to hear you are feeling stronger!

  2. This sounds like a mean flu bug. Take care so you don't relapse.

  3. You poor little sausage you sound like you have been very sick. Pleased to hear you are on the mend. Take care. Hugs x

  4. Thank you lovely people!! I'm very much on the mend now and hope there won't be any relapses!

  5. Boo that sucks! Glad you're feeling better :)


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