Dreaming of North America


New York. Don't you just love it?
I feel all warm and fuzzy inside after looking through a load of photos my husband and I took whilst there a couple of years ago. It was our first ever visit and I got such a buzz just being there. That city has got such an amazing feeling to it and I'd love to return.
In fact I was recently invited to a 40th birthday bash over there by a friend who went to the same school as me. The party just happens to be while I'm holidaying in Canada though, so I can't make it. Shame... it would have been an awful lot of fun!
Canada, however, is another passion of mine. Even though I've only been once, I am totally and utterly in love with the country. I am so excited about my next visit, I can barely talk about it! It's gonna be very cold, but that's something else my husband and I are looking forward to experiencing. We've already bought new warm coats, boots, gloves etc so we hope we're well prepared.
On our last visit, we took in Banff, Jasper, Whistler, Victoria, Vancouver (and a few smaller places in between) and it was just AMAZING. So beautiful. This time though, we're headed not quite so far over. Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Mont Tremblant and again, a few smaller places in between. We might pop across to Quebec city but it depends on the distance and how bad the weather is, I suppose.
In the meantime, I just have my photos from Canada, New York and Las Vegas to tide me over. Ahhhh... North America, how I miss you.


  1. Suzy, a friend of mine is in NYC for the holiday weekend, sightseeing and attending shows with her two daughters. So jealous. I heart NY!

  2. Hi Suzy, my name is Jason :) ..I recently came across your blog and was very interested to see that you are on the verge of becoming an author...I want to wish you all the best and good luck...
    love your blog too, keep it coming..
    take care..

  3. Hi Mary! I'm very jealous of your friend too!!
    Hi Jason! Welcome... many thanks for your very kind words... and for following!


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