Asylum Lake by R.A Evans: a real page-turner


Being a real scaredy cat I usually tend to avoid reading anything that might freak me out a little, but lately I've succumbed to a number of thriller/horror movies (and really enjoyed them!) so I figured I would take the plunge and try to read something within the same genre. When I first read the blurb on Asylum Lake, I decided to give it a go.
The first night I started reading, I woke up in a cold sweat after having a really scary nightmare! It didn't put me off though and I persevered. I am so glad that I did. R.A Evans has a real talent for the written word and, other than the odd minor spelling error, I couldn't fault his beautiful prose. The story flowed brilliantly and I found it to be a real page-turner. Although I was expecting the ending to conclude with more of a bang, it did leave me feeling more than satisfied.
Asylum Lake would make a terrific movie.... are you listening Hollywood? R.A Evans is a name you should be taking notice of!
All in all, a fantastic thriller / horror (still not sure what to call it!). I shall eagerly await Evans' next novel.

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