Author Spotlight: Farida Mestek


I started writing down things when I was very young. Before I knew how to write, I would make up stories and act them out in front of my family. As a child and a teenager I was more of a poet: I wrote poems about love – especially tragic kind – and about animals. I also wrote songs, because at one point I wanted to be a singer, and essays, when I wanted to talk about something that was bugging me. My best friend and I used to share our stuff over the phone, because we were so proud of our scribbles :)) Oh, those were good times! Dreams were big and seemed just within our reach. I also kept journals at various times, mostly, in order to deal with my emotions, disappointments, doubts and fears.
When I was sixteen, I had an idea for Almendra, and, from that time on, I knew that I wanted to tackle prose and to become a real writer. But I didn't start writing my first book straightaway. I knew that I had to work on my writing skills and style, develop my voice and enlarge my vocabulary first, so I took to doing writing prompts, reading up on writing and writing fanfiction. When I thought I was ready, I finally started working on Almendra. I worked tirelessly and devotedly on her story during my university years, and she and her friends became a part of my life and even that of my family. When the book was complete, I tried getting it published and began sending out my submissions. As naïve as I was back then, I thought that acquiring an agent would be a piece of cake. But five years later the book was still where it had been before: in my computer folder.
Thankfully, five years in publishing industry saw many changes and made it possible to get published without acquiring an agent. I took a break from Almendra and started working on something entirely different: Jane Austen-esque Regency-set stories. The kind of stories that are not popular with the majority of Regency Romance fans, but the kind of stories that I like to read. Then, last year, I felt a great wave of nostalgia and reread Almendra. I remembered why I liked it so much and, encouraged by my family, submitted it to Girlebooks. They published my first Regency-set novel “Margaret's Rematch” and agreed to publish “Almendra: A Fairy-Tale” too.
Now I continue working in my two favourite genres: Fantasy and Regency. I have big plans for Almendra. Because I have a great deal of backstory, I want to write a prequel about the foundation of The Upper Kingdom as well as rework and expand Almendra's story into a three-book novel. As for my Regency-set stories, I've got loads of ideas for novellas, novels and even series of books. I would also like to try writing screenplays. And, though my transition from a writer to a published author isn't going as smoothly and successfully as I would have liked, I hope to have my own, devoted readership one day.


  1. Really enjoyed the write up. Thanks for sharing. Donna

  2. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to read the post, Donna and thank you, Farida for being my guest today!

  4. It's interesting how similar our writerly beginning are. I began telling stories before I could write, though I told them to a tape recorder. :)

    Good luck with Almendra! :)

  5. Hi Suzy,
    Thank you for the opportunity to be here!


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