Author Spotlight: Peter Empringham


Peter Empringham is an ex-telecoms executive who used redundancy as the catalyst to finally sit down and write that novel. Now (at least mentally) retired, he lives in Bristol with his wife, Jayne, and two children. His novel, The Afternet is at the moment available only on Amazon eBook but will shortly also be published on Smashwords. In his spare time he plays tennis and golf with the oldest people he can find.
The Afternet follows the efforts of two ill-prepared souls to repair the computer running the Heaven and Hell admissions system. The system crash has led to a huge backlog of souls awaiting judgement, and as you would expect, it is generally the Devil who makes work for idle spirits. As the deadline the gods have imposed comes closer, the ‘heroes’ break the rules, break the life/death continuum, and break into the coldstore in the Edgware Road branch of Aldi in their search for a solution. It’s got everything, except, it would seem, a genre. Maybe it is a genre.

Peter now blogs weekly at, and drivels on Twitter @afternetman.

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