Author Spotlight: Andy Ramus


Andy Ramus, aka 'Wolfgang Ramadeus, writer and drinker', writes under the name of Wolf E. Boy.
When not writing, he's a carpenter involved in anything from converting barns to roof construction, loft conversions, research and development work, boat building, and anything else pretty much that's made with wood.
His writing is simplistic stuff, sticking to what he knows about, so mainly life experiences guide the things produced on the keyboard, be they short stories, blogs, spoken word rhymes/ rants etc. He has a web site, where the pages are a collection of his writing, of a pretty much autobiographical nature of a life lived on the South coast of England, leaving school at 15 and thrust into the world of boat building. From very early on Wolfeeboy was putting pen to paper to maintain for posterity what he considered the more interesting aspects of the world he found himself surrounded by, these would later on be turned into the Shoreham Beach Stories, his first printed effort, which is available to read on his web site in its entirety. Currently Wolfeeboys main outlet for writing is through his blog, 'Blog on 2011' which can be followed on his website, but is also available under 'wolfeeboy' on Wordpress, where you can see the world he inhabits through his words.
Wolfeeboy also has a book published, 'Bangkok to BC', a travellers tale of going around the world, visiting exotic locations, meeting fellow backpackers and friendly locals on the way, trying out all sorts of semi extreme outdoor activities, and no short smattering of 'illicit substances'. One man having a laugh as he travelled the world. Now available in pubs around Shoreham in return for a donation to the RNLI, all proceeds from sales go to charity. It is also available through, there is a link at on the 'Barn and Granary Conversion blog' page.

A no-holds-barred journal of a round-the-world adventure. The backpacker experience is laid bare as 'Wolf E. Boy' recounts his visits to S.E.Asia, Oz, New Zealand, Fiji, the US and Canada.
In this book he writes about the stunning scenery and alien cultures he encounters, along with lively descriptions of boarding in the surf and the snow. These provide the backdrop to a journey well fuelled by drugs and drink, and enlivened by the company of a changing cast of fellow backpackers.
'Wolf E. Boy' writes in the language of the drug scene - crude but colourful - giving a rich flavour of immediacy to this revealing account of his experiences.
The adventure started after the author sold his home in West Sussex, with vague ideas of travelling in Europe. But he somehow managed to walk out of a travel agents with a round-the-world ticket, departure date imminent...
He offers this book to students and other travellers, "or people like myself who just wanted to break free from the shackles of the rat race for a while, and stick two fingers up at the establishment".
Coming from a town steeped in maritime history, (Shoreham by sea in West Sussex, England), Wolfeeboy enjoys a beer, most sports, good books, screaming at politicians or religious nutters on the TV or radio, travel (when poss), good company, and loose women, (also whenever possible!).

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