Guest post: Lisamarie Lamb


I Want My House Back

The title says it all really. I want my house back. I’ve been searching for it for years, but haven’t quite found it yet. 27 Castle Drive. I was happiest there, from the ages of eighteen months to five years. That’s not to say that I wasn’t happy after we moved, it’s just… That house. I loved it. I still love it. I remember every corner, every hiding place, the smell of the carpet, the feeling of the sun in the garden, the rough bark of the apple tree.
When I was twenty-one I realised something. I wasn’t special. Not really. Despite what my parents had always told me, I was not going places. I did well in my GCSEs, failed my A-levels miserably, and still managed to get to university where I graduated with an average 2:1. I got an okay job working for my dad and have been doing that ever since. I married at twenty-two and had my daughter at twenty-nine. I am happy. I am lucky to have what I have. I know that. But I don’t have my house.
So I wrote a book. Writing is my thing, my own thing that I did that makes me different. Perhaps it makes me special. The book took many years to complete, to get to that final edit, but I did it. And the reason? I want my house back. It costs a lot more now than it did almost thirty years ago. But it’s okay – I’ve got a lot more books in me. And anyway, it’s not for sale… But when it is I want to be ready.
27 Castle Drive, I’m coming home.

My book, Mother’s Helper, is available from Lulu as either paperback or eBook ( or from Amazon for the Kindle ( In it, a woman is plagued by nightmares and soon begins to sleepwalk during which time she is chased by an unknown and invisible predator. She also begins to see visions which start to make sense of her life, but which she can't bring herself to believe. How can she save herself, and the world, when she doesn't believe the danger is real?


  1. Of coursed you're special! Good luck with finding getting the house of your dreams.


  2. It's a pleasure having you here, Lisamarie! The best of luck with your book.


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