Q&A with author Shalini Boland


A very warm welcome to my favourite indie author, Shalini!

Have you ever read a book that made you think 'wow'? If so, what book was it and why did it have such an effect on you?
My favourite book ever is The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. It’s a love story set in Russia during WW2 when the Germans blocked off all routes to Leningrad, trying to starve its inhabitants. Everything about the novel is beautiful and devastating and I lived every page.

Who is your favourite author and why?
Erm, see above. But I’m also in awe of Jean M. Auel and her magnificent Clan of the Cave Bear series.

Who, or what, inspires you?
I get inspired by all sorts of things: childhood memories, books, music, acts of kindness.
Writing-wise, I take my inspiration from authors like Anne Rice for her darkness, Audrey Niffeneger for her quirkiness and Suzanne Collins for her kick-ass-ness.

Where is your favourite place to write?
On the sofa in the lounge with my laptop, a cup of coffee and some chocolate – bliss.

What is your book about?
Hidden is the first book in the Marchwood Vampire Series. It’s part urban fantasy and part historical romance, and tells the stories of Madison Greene and Alexandre Chevalier who are both rebels in their own way. Fate takes each of them on a dark adventure and their lives eventually entwine, but this is only just the beginning.

What is your favourite film that was based on a book?
Sorry to be predictable but it’s probably the Twilight movies. I loved the novels and I think the films really captured their essence. I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed them so much if I hadn’t read the books though.

If your book was made into a film, who would you like to play the main characters?

I’d like to cast complete unknowns into the leading roles. An eighteen-year-old version of Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian/Dorian Gray) would make a great Alexandre. And Madison would be played by someone raw and feisty, like a young Emily Lloyd (Wish You Were Here).
I can't think of any well-known actor or actress out there at the moment who fits the bill.

Tell us a random fact about yourself. I once sang with Basement Jaxx at The Brixton Academy.

Tell us something interesting about the area where you live.
Mary Shelley is buried here, along with Percy Shelley’s heart!
Percy Shelley drowned in 1822 while boating off Livorno; his body washed ashore and was cremated on the beach. His friend Edward Trelawny somehow grabbed the heart from the flames and presented it to his wife, Mary Shelley, who kept it with her.

Thanks so much for having me, Suzy! It’s been fun xx
Always a pleasure, Shalini! And I have to agree that a young Ben Barnes would be absolutely perfect!! For more details about Shalini and her books, visit http://shaliniboland.co.uk 

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