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First I want to thank Suzy for having me as a guest. I have never done a guest blog before, so I am a virgin at this. I am not one for talking about myself really, never have been. So, I will start somewhere simple. My name is Ashley Kay, or A.L. Kay. A.L. Kay is my pen name for any and all stories I write. I am twenty-four years old, a mother of two girls, and a wife for five and a half years. I am also a college student, psychology major. I love my life, though at times I wish things would slow down, as I am sure many of you would like also. I love animals, just thought I would throw that in for you all. Oh, did I mention I am also an awesome unintentional flirt? Thought I would also throw that in there, (my recently new client, Margaret, told me to, hehe).
I began writing at the age of twelve. I wrote my first story, a children’s story. Sadly I had written it on my father’s laptop on an airplane, on our way to Germany. Well, my father’s computer ended up crashing months later, and being twelve years old, I didn’t know to back it up. I had shown it to one person, my English teacher. She told me it was really good, and that I actually might have a knack for writing. I never wrote a story again until I was about nineteen years old. I never finished it. I became ill with permanent writer’s block, hehe. Same thing happened with another story I began. Then, at 23 I started a short story called “Nightmares” that has ended up being published by Vamptasy Publishing. “Nightmares” is about a girl, Kristi, and dreams she begins having. What do they mean? Will they come true? Will she survive? Those are questions even she asks, and more. Though the more questions that are answered, the more new questions arise.
I stared working on the second installment of “Nightmares”, but then I realized something. I recently took the story back, because there seemed to be more to the story than I ever knew. I revised “Nightmares” and it is back up! Though, this is just the beginning of the story. The full length book will be titled “Kamela” when it is finished. For those that have bought, and read “Nightmares”, I am happy that it has gotten great reviews so far and people really seemed to enjoy it. I am hoping they, and others, will like the full story when I am finished with it. “Nightmares is available here
Since I was young, my father always edited anything I said and wrote. This rubbed off on me, of course. I began doing that to others; to my friends, and even to strangers. I edited my friend’s papers, and even what they said in an instant message to others. I never was upset about editing my friend’s things, I actually enjoyed it. This added to my passion. I love editing, and working with people. I love getting to know my clients and their stories, aka babies. After working for a publishing company, that I did not care for how they were running their business and treating their authors, I started my own editing business; Ashley’s Freelance Editing I love my clients, new and returning. I never get tired of them needing to ask me questions, or contacting me for whatever reason. My editing company is first in line, after my school and kids. My writing is mostly on the back burner. I only write when I get a chance to, or when I am taking a break from other things.
I want to thank Suzy again for having me. I did not know I could actually write five-hundred words about myself, let alone over that. Thank you all for reading, and being interested in little ole me.

Always a pleasure, Ashley!

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